Phase has been operating in the restoration sector for almost 30 years with lines of products which are the result not only of its long-term experience, but also of a continuous discussion and research in collaboration with various institutions and universities.
These are lines of products whose adherence to the principles of compatibility with artistic artefacts and buildings as well as the extensive on-site experience have contributed to improve. The “proof of time” was able to confirm the soundness of the research effort Phase has been carrying out along the past 30 years. Indeed, thanks to the accurate monitoring of the expected results, the effectiveness of the materials used in each restoration project has helped to define techniques which are more and more attentive to the needs of cultural heritage conservation. Techniques that require not only craftsman’s knowledge and expertise, but above all the retrieval of a long tradition which boasts an all-Italian leadership.

In the belief that restoration cannot be only a technical matter but mainly a critical act, Phase offers to those operating in the restoration sector an effective support from the stage of knowledge to the identification of materials for the restoration project, up to the use of equipment for the planned maintenance. In addition to the products for the resolution of the main pathologies of degradation and alteration, the cycles of cleaning, the consolidation and protection, Phase has developed a series of “recipes” for the composition of mortars which mainly look back to traditional technologies. Mortars that base their usage on the principle of “uniqueness” of the building and that can thus be modulated on a case-by-case basis by taking into consideration pre-existent materials and different environmental contexts.

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Caratteristiche tecniche:

– pompa ad alta pressione pressione con pistone in ceramicamotore monofase 230v-50 hz
– interruttore di potenza on/off
– funzione temporizzata
– valvola in alta pressione manuale
– valvola regolazione pressione

Il Kit comprende:
1 pompa tipo bc 5001
10 tubi da 1 mt.
1 tubo da 3 mt.
3 gomiti
10 raccordi porta ugelli
Fascette di fissaggio al ponteggio

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