PHASE is a company established in 1987 with the aim of producing and distributing products and tools for restoration and historic heritage buildings.
PHASE has its offices in Florence and Pisa and a network of local retailers all over Italy. Throughout its history, Phase has been consolidating a close collaborative relationship with the main research institutions operating in the restoration and historic heritage sector, such as the Opificio delle Pietre Dure, the Istituto Centrale per il Restauro, the Centro Nazionale Ricerche (CNR), the Superintendencies and various Universities.
The experience gained through thirty years of activity, combined with a continual exchange with professionals of the restoration sector such as architects, engineers, restorers and art historians, has helped PHASE to become a point of reference for restoration and renovation works.

PHASE has been directly involved in European projects for the preservation of cultural heritage, the latest being the project “perpetuate”, about the seismic risk connected to cultural heritage.
The name PHASE is indissolubly linked to products that have become renowned in the restoration sector, first among all the woodworm-killer Permetar. Equally well-known are the stone consolidant Phase Ethyl Silicate, the line of water-repellents Hydrophase and the line of protectives Fluorophase.
PHASE-branded products are used in the most important restoration and renovation projects in Italy and abroad.

Lately, PHASE has selected “recipes” for the composition of lime-based historic mortars. These mortars base their applicability on the principle of “uniqueness” of the building. Hence, they can be modulated case by case by taking into consideration pre-existent materials and different environmental contexts, thus avoiding using standardised solutions.

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